Offshorestudio embed @ UTS

2010 has started off as a great year for Offshore.

Anthony Burke has been promoted to Associate Professor and has taken the position of Head of School at UTS in Architecture.  Although we will be busy, we will continue to consult as always. For Offshore this will mean we can further develop our research interests with the support of UTS and is a great development for us. We’ll probably end up cross posting a few events for UTS here, so watch this space. We’ll use this space to post new plans for UTS in the coming months, and link to a new site currently under development. This news broke at the UTS end of year show last year only a few hours before the police were called to shut us down.

Some other recent events of note;

-Our Friend Gerard Reinmuth of Terroir has been appointed a visiting professor at Aarhus in Denmark, and is reveling in the thought of bringing 120 Danish Students to UTS in March this year.

-David Burns of SO-AD has taken the position of Director of a new course at UTS Photography and Situated Media. David has been developing an amazing curriculum already with colleague Adam Jasper.

-Sam Spurr also has taken a role as course director for Interior Architecture at UTS and will be developing the course over the next year.

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