“Out from Under” - off the reservation

We have just found out that exhibition “Out from Under” launched in March 2007 in San Francisco and curated by Anthony is still moving. After touring San Francisco then Seattle, it was taken over by the AIA international to be shown in Hong Kong, although we have not seen it since it left the US.

However, a random call from a speech writer for the Federal Minister for Trade Simon Crean alerted us to the fact it was in Kunming and being opened by said minister. Great! Now its at the South China University of Technology in Guangzhou being opened by the Australian Consular General in Kunming, Sean Kelly, and part of a conference where other Australia practices, not initially in the exhibition, seem to be speaking to potential trade partners.

See this link here for an article we came across in the Life of Guangzhou website.

Credit to the Austalian Institute of Architects International for picking up the itinerary after the US, but finding out what’s happening has been impossible. If anyone has news, or better, photos of the exhibition, please send to us. The 16 exhibitors as well as ourselves would love to know what’s become of the exhibition and who’s standing in front of it.

Also reminds me of the black hole I found myself looking into when initially approaching the Australian Embassy’s in SF and NY to take an interest. It was clear that if it wasn’t indigineous painting or South Australian wine, there would be no place for architecture as a cultural export. Funny to see the dignitaries in front of it now drumming up business in China.

As we are just beginning to plan the next exhibition, lets see how ready the Australian Government is this time to help!!

image from Life of Guangzhou article

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