Ben Hewett new South Australian Government Architect

We are very pleased to announce that Ben Hewett, Director of Offshore Studio has been appointed South Australian Government Architect. Ben will be taking up the role in January 2011.

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Post-Traumatic Urbanism, AD due October 2010

Edited by Adrian Lahoud, Charles Rice and Anthony Burke, the new AD, Post-Traumatic Urbanism is wrapped and on the way to shelves now. For more, take a look at Adrian’s site by the same name here.

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Akademicki Poznan

Recently Anthony was invited to participate in the Poznan Visiting Academic program, a cultural sponsorship program from the city of Poznan, Poland, to give a lecture and take part in a workshop on the urban redevelopment of the city. The workshop was organized as a collaboration between the Academy of Fine Arts Poznan, and the University of Technology, MARA Malaysia.

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Offshorestudio embed @ UTS

2010 has started off as a great year for Offshore.

Anthony Burke has been promoted to Associate Professor and has taken the position of Head of School at UTS in Architecture.  Although we will be busy, we will continue to consult as always. For Offshore this will mean we can further develop our research interests with the support of UTS and is a great development for us. We’ll probably end up cross posting a few events for UTS here, so watch this space. We’ll use this space to post new plans for UTS in the coming months, and link to a new site currently under development. This news broke at the UTS end of year show last year only a few hours before the police were called to shut us down.

Some other recent events of note;

-Our Friend Gerard Reinmuth of Terroir has been appointed a visiting professor at Aarhus in Denmark, and is reveling in the thought of bringing 120 Danish Students to UTS in March this year.

-David Burns of SO-AD has taken the position of Director of a new course at UTS Photography and Situated Media. David has been developing an amazing curriculum already with colleague Adam Jasper.

-Sam Spurr also has taken a role as course director for Interior Architecture at UTS and will be developing the course over the next year.

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Remodelling Architecture at Customs House

The Remodelling Architecture: Architectural Places - Digital Space, exhibition at Customs House in Sydney has now come down. Thanks to Gerard Reinmuth of Terroir who curated the show. Also great to see Customs House and the Australian Architecture Association supporting architectural ideas, and not just main-stream good taste risk-free architecture. Offshore was exhibited with Anarchi, EnterArch, Adrian Lahoud, Dan Hill, Super Colossal, and Russel Lowe. Nice work all. ”"</p

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“Out from Under” - off the reservation

We have just found out that exhibition “Out from Under” launched in March 2007 in San Francisco and curated by Anthony is still moving. After touring San Francisco then Seattle, it was taken over by the AIA international to be shown in Hong Kong, although we have not seen it since it left the US.

However, a random call from a speech writer for the Federal Minister for Trade Simon Crean alerted us to the fact it was in Kunming and being opened by said minister. Great! Now its at the South China University of Technology in Guangzhou being opened by the Australian Consular General in Kunming, Sean Kelly, and part of a conference where other Australia practices, not initially in the exhibition, seem to be speaking to potential trade partners.

See this link here for an article we came across in the Life of Guangzhou website.

Credit to the Austalian Institute of Architects International for picking up the itinerary after the US, but finding out what’s happening has been impossible. If anyone has news, or better, photos of the exhibition, please send to us. The 16 exhibitors as well as ourselves would love to know what’s become of the exhibition and who’s standing in front of it.

Also reminds me of the black hole I found myself looking into when initially approaching the Australian Embassy’s in SF and NY to take an interest. It was clear that if it wasn’t indigineous painting or South Australian wine, there would be no place for architecture as a cultural export. Funny to see the dignitaries in front of it now drumming up business in China.

As we are just beginning to plan the next exhibition, lets see how ready the Australian Government is this time to help!!

image from Life of Guangzhou article

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Transclimatic exhibition

As part of the 13th International Design Festival, Sydney Design, Offshore is very happy to have been invited to participate in Transclimatic, an exhibition at Customs house in Sydney 1-16th August curated by Frank Minnaert.

The exhibition will feature works by: AMID* [cero9], Emergent Architecture, Greg Lynn, Frank Minnaert, MVRDV, An Te Liu, Novague, NOX / Lars Spuybroek, Offshore studio, Alexandre Orion, Paul Curtis, Phooey Architects, R&Sie(n), Andrew Ross, Sasja Saptenno, Tomas Saraceno and Semiconductor.

Check HERE for more.

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Offshore goes to into RE:HAB

Offshore has been invited to speak at this years architecture student conference in Canberra RE:HAB being held from the 5th - 10th July. Anthony will be speaking on Tuesday morning in a session with our friends Dave Pigram from Supermanoeuvre and Tim Schork of Mesne. We’ll also be doing a workshop with Chris Bosse of LAVA

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Structuring Complexity - AR Interviews

Structuring Complexity article published in AR 09/06/09. As the by-line reads,

“Complex curvature, cascading geometries and agent based swarms – is architecture finally on the verge of embracing an idiom and methodology truly representative of our post-machine age?”

Check out the online version here featuring work from our UTS students. Also, see my interview with Tristram Carfrae and Philip Cox part one and part two.

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At CAADRIA 2009 Between Man and Machine Integration, Intuition, and Intelligence, in Yunlin, Taiwan earlier this year, Anthony won best presentation for his “competing intelligences” paper presentation. Thanks to all Caadrian’s especially Marc Aurel Schnabel of CUHK for a great time. Next CAADRIA 2010 New Frontiers is getting into gear already.

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Offshorestudio is an architecture and design practice. We believe in research, experimentation and the role of architecture that questions our built environment.

Established in San Francisco in 2005 Offshorestudio relocated to Sydney in 2007. Our projects include installations at international institutions such as the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, to projects in South Africa, San Francisco and Sydney. We work strategically encompassing scales from micro to urban. We design for an urbanism that is ubiquitous, free of nostalgia.

Our research involves the use of computational techniques and technologies to explore new possibilities for architecture, which we continually test with our students at the University of Technology Sydney and practice in our studio.

Our clients understand the value of design. We practice architecture in an expanded field. We enjoy what we do.

For more on who we are, visit our bio’s here.

contact us

Offshore Studio Pty Ltd
Nom. Architect: Ben Hewett ARB:7067